"After 19 years of writing the mail-order gift guide, nothing has dimmed my enthusiasm for finding secret sources for the new and the exotic. I never tire of the chase in the search for holiday gifts that actually taste as good as they look in the glossy brochures, not to mention arrive on time and intact. But on the 20th anniversary of the guide, in a year when everyone is craving a taste of something wonderful and comforting and familiar, I decided to showcase my all-time top 25 picks, chosen from the hundreds of foods I have tasted over the years. I tried smoked salmon from six companies. Classic Scottish Highland smoked salmon, a center-cut piece from DURHAM'S TRACKLEMENTS, beat five others from some of the country's best purveyors. With an exquisite balance of smoke and salt, it has a silkiness that melts in your mouth." --Marian Burros, The New York Times, November, 2001, “A Delivery of Holiday Bests”

Mail Order and Gifts

Custom smoked provisions using the finest ingredients available, Since 1992.

We cure and smoke in small batches with the careful, hands-on attention essential to providing outstanding freshness, flavor and texture. For our Salmon Specialties we use only farmed Atlantic salmon raised in the cold waters of the Bay of Fundy, where strong tides assure excellent growing conditions and make the regular use of antibiotics and algaecides unnecessary. Salmon are selected at the optimal size, and flown fresh direct to us each week!

Our Highland Salmon specialties, Hot-Smoked "Kippered" Salmon, Marinated Smoked Salmon, Trout, Bluefish, Finnan Haddie, Scallops, and wild seasonal catches are cured, smoked, and packed by the piece, never frozen or presliced. No additives of any kind, always dated for superior fresh flavor. The finest genuinely hand-crafted quality available--anywhere.

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Inspired by a stay in the Northwest Highlands and Islands of Scotland, a genuine hand-rubbed dry cure of salt with a bit of brown sugar, lightly smoked over our own blend of select hardwoods. Mellow fresh flavor with moist, firm yet buttery texture


Our Highland cured Atlantic salmon, smoked with aromatic, sweetly mellow pecan wood. Or Double-Smoked for a firmer, finer texture, complex flavor, and a smokier finish

The first of our innovative dry rub infusion-cured smoked salmons (we now offer additional herb or spice cured varieties as well). The best seller year-in and year-out after our classic Scottish Highland, our Thai Smoked Salmon is cured with ginger, coriander, lemon grass and pepper, and dusted with hand-ground, freshly toasted Sichuan peppercorn. More aromatic than spicy. Best Holiday Foods by Mail, The New York Times, 1995 and 1997

We use only pure sea salt in a two-stage hand-rubbed dry cure, with either Maldon crystal sea salt or a more minerally harvested “gray” salt, sel de Guerande. Smoked over oak and genuine peat in March, this becomes our “Donegal” Irish-style smoked salmon (with a dash of Irish pot-still whiskey to make the point)

We do a traditional Scandinavian style, marinated with allspice, white pepper, crushed juniper berries, and bunches of fresh dill. Very lightly smoked over hardwoods for a firmer texture and melding flavors

Brine-cured with cider, herbs and spices, then given a hearty “hot-smoke” over alder and applewood. Flaky texture, robustly smoky flavor. A quick snack, or pleasing appetizer. Available with BBQ seasoning dry rub or rum-maple glaze

This marinade-cured Salmon is warm-smoked to a dense, moist flaky texture and a rich, sweet-salty taste–“plain,” or peppered. Makes an impressive and crowd-pleasing buffet presentation. Terrific on crackers, with arugula orbaby spinach salads, or with pasta

Cod, Haddock, Trout, Bluefish, AmberjackCall for availabiliy/Custom order


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