"Cured with ginger, lemongrass and coriander, dusted with toasted Sichuan peppercorns, it’s delicious, firm and buttery…" --The Washington Post, April 1996: Fabulous Foods by Mail, from Artichokes to Thai Smoked Salmon

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Our new book The Smoked Seafood Cookbook is now available!
October 8th, 2008

How do you cook with smoked seafood? And can it work "outside the bagel"? Those are two questions that hundreds of customers asked over the years when they stopped by T.R. Durham's shop, Durham's Tracklements & Smokery in Ann Arbor, Michigan, to buy his famous smoked seafood. Inspired, Durham eventually collected enough recipes not only to fill a book but to answer those questions in imaginative and delicious ways.

The Smoked Seafood Cookbook uniquely addresses a neglected spot on the culinary bookshelf. With everything from smoked salmon to mackerel to finnan haddie and smoked scallops, Durham's recipes offer ideas for exciting salads; pasta, potato, and other starch dishes paired with smoked seafood; soups from every corner of the globe; easy-to-prepare appetizers; even smoked-seafood variations on the classic dish brandade.

The Smoked Seafood Cookbook is also designed to take advantage of the near-universal availability of smoked seafood online, via mail-order, in specialty shops, and in almost every supermarket in America. It offers information on the kinds of smoked seafood available, their particular flavors and textures, and what cooking applications best suit each variety. Durham provides chapters on do-it-yourself techniques for home smoking, an illustrated chapter on slicing and serving your own smoked fish, and a listing of sources for smoked seafood. Additionally, the book is beautifully illustrated throughout with color and black-and-white drawings by local artist Noel Bielaczyc.

As a way to raise further the profile of smoked seafood's role in cooking---and to provide the culinary industry's endorsement of that idea---the book is sprinkled throughout with recipes from professional chefs across the country. Among the contributors are Mario Batali, chef-owner of many restaurants and author of several cookbooks; Sara Moulton, cookbook author and executive chef of Gourmet magazine; Pete Peterson, chef-owner of Tapawingo in Ellsworth, Michigan; Darra Goldstein, cookbook author and editor of Gastronomica: The Journal of Food and Culture; and others.

If you love smoked seafood, or if you've ever wondered what to do with it besides serve it for brunch or put it on a bagel, The Smoked Seafood Cookbook deserves a place in your kitchen.

New Offerings and Old Classics!
September 29th, 2007

Moving into our 11th fall and holiday season in Ann Arbor, we have some new additions to our regular offerings that over the past six months or so have garnered an appreciative following.  In rotation with smoked Rainbow Trout fillets, we’re doing a smoked North Atlantic mackerel fillet with a smooth texture and mellow rich taste that realizes the full potential of this star smoking fish.  We use an individually flash-frozen, Norwegian catch at the peak of condition—just grilled or baked this fish comes very close to freshly caught (hours, not days) mackerel.  Also on the hot-smoked front, our new Tandoori and Chipotle/Adobo marinade-cured salmons expand the repertoire beyond the ever-popular Kippered and Miso/Mirin/Tamari, with different texture and aromatic highlights.  To the various riffs on our Classic Highland (hardwood blend) cold-smoked salmon, we’ve been doing Alderwood, Sugar Maple, and Pecan/Oak versions.  A newcomer to the seasoned-cure roster (GravLax, Thai Spice), Pastrami—yes, salmon—seems to be catching on as well. 

Moving from surf to turf, the lightly cured, smoked and gently cooked Moulard Duck Breast and Lamb Sirloin are usually available either freshly smoked or frozen (excellent staying quality).  And now well into the second year of Braise ‘n’ Brew, the Berkshire Pork Shoulder,  “American Kobe” (Wagyu/Angus) Beef Brisket and Moroccan Lamb Shank appear (and rapidly disappear) on alternating weekends. 

As we get into the cooler months, our freshly smoked Finnan Haddie makes a terrific addition to fish stews or chowders, classic brandades, or dishes with rice (Scottish Kedgeree) or potatoes.

Our retail hours are still Wed. (10 to 3) and Fri (10 to 4), and Saturday 8 to 3; and by appointment. Samu, and more recently Alycia and Joanna, enhance service at the Smokery with their distinctive personal touches and enthusiasm for our customers, longstanding regulars and newcomers alike.  We look forward to seeing you this fall, and beyond.

We've got a new look!
August 8th, 2006

To better present our mainstay products and new developments, we have a new logo/label and mail order brochure, designed by Mary Beath of Albuquerque. And now our new website designed by John Cross will make our new offerings more easily accessible, including special offerings at the Smokery, and “Self-Catering Platters” for your own occasions. The website will also include a “News and Events” feature, which will supplement our occasional email bulletins. We’ll be able to post information on weekly and seasonal specials, as well as new product samplings and tasting events that we do on our own or with other local specialty food businesses, in Kerrytown or the Ann Arbor area. There’s even a smoked seafood cookbook in the works…So, stay tuned.

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