"Ask us who makes the best smoked salmon, and we automatically point toward Scotland; so imagine our surprise when a recent Diversion taste test revealed the fish from Durham’s Tracklements to be among the most succulent to pass our lips." --Diversion Magazine, June 1994
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Our new book The Smoked Seafood Cookbook is now available!

How do you cook with smoked seafood? And can it work "outside the bagel"? Those are two questions that hundreds of customers asked over the years when they stopped by the Smokery.We've collected enough recipes not only to fill a book but to answer those questions in imaginative and delicious ways. . .

New Offerings and Old Classics!

Moving into our 12th fall and holiday season in Ann Arbor, we have some new additions to our regular offerings that over the past six months or so have garnered an appreciative following.  In rotation with smoked Rainbow Trout fillets, were doing a smoked North Atlantic mackerel fillet with a smooth texture and mellow rich taste that realizes the full potential of this star smoking fish.  We use. . .

Tracklements: Then to Now

Looking back, it seems that at Tracklements weve been trying to stay the course, while exploring new but fitting ventures. Starting out in Amherst, MA., as a basement & backyard operation (with the bathtub thrown in on occasion) with a whiff of single-malt fueled encouragement from Duncan Stewart in Ullapool, Scottish Highlands, our business plan was, and has been. . .

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